Cantina da Santino
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Wine is the expression of the soul and personality, the tangible manifestation of the history and tradition of the people and places that have produced it. The Ramaccia family is one of the oldest in Frascati and has always been well-known for its wine. The family owns vineyards in the area between Frascati and Monte Porzio Catone, a volcanic zone with a mild and temperate climate, ideal for the production of the famous nectar of Bacchus.

La "Cantina da Santino", run by Felice Ramaccia, is located in the old town centre of Frascati. It is a typical "Fraschetta" where visitors can taste the Ramaccia family's wine. Traditionally, a "Fraschetta" doesn't serve food, but regular customers are allowed to bring their own food from home.

The professional skills and experience acquired in the course of the years have led to the production of a flowery wine, with a delicate bouquet, but also full-bodied. It combines perfectly with all dishes, enhancing the flavour of everything, from appetizers to fish and from red to white meat. Wine lightens the heart, adding a smile to friendship and a spark to love.
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